Santa Cruz Cabrália 


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"The history of Santa Cruz Cabrália truly begins when, on May 1, 1500, Pedro Álvares Cabral ordered the Cross to be erected with the arms and real currency of Portugal.

Records of the time allow us to conclude that there was more than one settlement in Santa Cruz. The first two followed on both banks of Mutarí and at the end of the course. But, due to the brevity of this stretch of the river and the distance of a few meters from one side to the other, the two villages would be so close together, that it can be admitted with phases in the development of the same village.
The territory was part of the Porto Seguro captaincy donated to Pero de Campos Tourinho by royal letter of May 27, 1534 and charter of September 23 of the same month and year.

In 1536 Pero de Campos Tourinho founded a village on the bay cove, called Vera Cruz, which was razed by the Aimorés in 1564. For this reason, the inhabitants moved to the banks of the Rio Sernampetiba or Rio João de Tiba, emerging a new settlement known as Santa Cruz.

According to Fontana, the village of Santa Cruz was created on May 9, 1833 and installed on July 23 of the same year. It remained autonomous until July 8, 1931, when it was extinguished and annexed to the municipality of Porto Seguro. In 1933, it was renamed Santa Cruz Cabrália. On March 30, 1938, by virtue of State Decree-Law No. 10,724, the village gains political autonomy and category of city.

From 1973, with the completion of the BR-101 and the construction of the road linking Porto Seguro to Santa Cruz Cabrália, the scene of the discovery, began to attract tourists. On January 29, 1981, the historic center of Santa Cruz Cabrália is listed as Historical, Cultural and Landscape Heritage. "